About Us

Owning two beagles (Molly and Billy) has proved several things to my partner and I.
1. It is impossible to keep anything to ourselves…everything must be shared with them.
2. Every breakable item in the house needs to be placed at a significant height to save it from being destroyed.
3. The outside world is far too exciting when let off the lead to want to ever demonstrate beautiful recall.
As we have pretty much mastered the art of the first two, we decided that it was time to tackle the thing we have found most challenging with Molly. Having great difficulties recalling her, we began to search for the perfect treat to reward her efforts (when she finally decided to return to us!). No shop bought packaged treat would distract her from the mischief she could have in the big wide world. We needed something that would entice her enough that she would willingly return. We also wanted to ensure that the treats we gave her were nutritionally balanced and would not upset her delicate constitution. The perfect way to do this was to create our own baked treats. We could use good quality ingredients, identifying Molly’sfavourites so they can be used to continue her recall training.
Using the right combination of meat, fish, vegetables and herbs we created a collection of tasty treats that worked wonders when training Molly off the lead. As the months rolled on our range of delicious treats expanded as did our culinary skills. Molly and all of her friends have loved the range so much that we decided it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t share our magic with all of you.
We would like to introduce to you Molly’s Munchies. Handmade, high quality treats, especially for your pooch to enjoy. These can be used to help train (as we do), or just to spoil your best friend rotten (as we do too!) Also, we would like to introduce you to Billy’s Boutique Emporium, where we produce handmade luxurious items and accessories for your pooch