Meet The Team

Here at Molly's Munchies we pride ourselves on creating delicious goodies for your pooch. We have an expert panel of Reps that help to give us to give us the best feedback so we can ensure our products are of the best quality at all times. 
Molly and Billy 
Our two very own lovable rogues! These two monsters taste test everything created in our kitchen. Molly is our founder and fearless leader into the world of treats! As a typical Beagle she loves nothing more than to sniff her way into mischief at every given opportunity! Billy is our snuggle bug. We adopted him almost 5 years ago and have spent every day trying to make up for his rough start in life. Billy loves all the softer items like our cakes and quiches! Together they make quite a team and have given us many years of fun and joy!

Our Reps
Reign is a cheeky chap full of personality. He loves both lazy days curled up on the sofa as well as long outdoor walks. He loves any toy that makes a loud squeak and enjoys human company just as much as doggo company.
Flora is a sweet, loving girl who loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa - she is most definitely a lap dog! We live in a beautiful part of Somerset, where we can go on some stunning walkies (one of her favourite words!) to make new friends and she always expects to come home to a Molly’s Munchies treat
Bella and Berti
Bella and Bertie are ‘yin and yang’ polar opposites, but it works! Bell
loves nothing more than cuddling under a blanket on the sofa, and Bertie loves exploring outside and playing ball. Bertie is also known as the ‘post thief’ in our house...he thinks everything that comes through the letter box is Molly’s Munchies treats!
 Copper and Ludo
Copper and Ludo are typical brother and sister. They love winding each other up and racing to snuggle mum so the other can’t, but they love each other to the moon and back! Their perfect days are filled with long adventures and endless sniffs with lots of Molly’s munchies treats for recall and snacks!